Are you looking for a solution to increase the revenue of your website? We’ve listed three ad network options for you to consider.

Ad networks are sites that assist you in monetizing your traffic. Furthermore, thanks to their simple ad distribution, your site will be able to reach a wider audience on the Internet without the need to create them yourself. This frees up time for you to focus on the maintenance of your site while also ensuring that your advertising is distributed properly and securely.

Furthermore, many ad networks offer customization options so you may tailor them to your website or blog. Since ad networks accept banners, native ads, videos, and other types of advertising, we recommend these monetization platforms to suit your needs: 

1- MediaFem

MediaFem is a 12-year-old ad network that uses programmatic platforms to connect content websites with advertisers. 

The ads are managed by algorithms that allow them to have a wider audience reach, allowing interested people to access them. In return for showing adverts on the site, publishers earn 70% of the money collected by MediaFem.

This ad network is unique in that it offers many positioning options that may be tailored to your website’s design and appearance, resulting in a personalized experience for the customer.


MGID was one of the world’s first native performance advertising platforms. Thousands of publishers have access to billions of news pieces, and advertisers may target customers’ interests without disrupting their online experience.

The results-driven strategy employed by MGID guarantees that visits to its customers’ websites are relevant, engaged, and interested, resulting in increased traffic and income while preserving the quality and relevance that online consumers want.

MGID has been providing excellent content distribution to lifestyle and entertainment companies all around the world since 2008.

3- Adcash

Adcash has billions of dollars in monthly advertising revenue and over 200 million visitors each day. They claim to be able to fill inventories 100% of the time, allowing publishers to monetize online traffic with minimum effort.

While the platform takes pride in its dynamic CPM monetization and user experience, you may also choose the manual method. Adcash welcomes smartphone advertising as well and offers a smart network for customized targeting.

There is no minimum traffic requirement for approval, and a variety of payment methods are available.

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