Do you have a Wix blog and want to earn money? Here we have your solution.

Wix is a cloud-based web building platform that the Wix firm created and popularized. It uses online drag and drop tools to allow users to develop HTML5 webpages and mobile sites. For years it has been an increasing activity an today we help you with the possibility of earning money through it.

Adding advertising to your Wix site is one of vast numbers of methods to maximize your website’s income. This is a simple, easy, and passive method in which you simply add adverts to your page and watch your flow and financial reporting improve.

We have chosen the three greatest online solutions for you because there are hundreds of companies offering the same service and it is difficult to choose the best for your business.

1- MediaFem

The best CPM ad network is MediaFem. By putting our text or image advertising banners on your site and persuading visitors to click or scroll on them, you can make income.

MediaFem is a productive and smart ad network that may help you monetize your website even more. What distinguishes them from other ad networks? Personalized content, optimization tools, video, display, native, desktop, and mobile ads are just a few of the capabilities of MediaFem’s ad network.


Because impressions that aren’t sold don’t go against your monthly Sulvo quota, your impressions won’t lose money with Sulvo. Ad servers will often count “unfilled impressions” like any other served and sold impression, even if you haven’t served an ad.

The IAB/GDPR, the Coalition for Better Ads Standards, and Google’s own SEO and ad quality criteria are all followed by Sulvo. Indeed, replacing two previous ad units with a single Sulvo unit will almost certainly boost your SEO, Ad Quality, and Chrome user experience scores.


For bloggers and website owners wishing to monetise their material, Infolinks appears to be a potential marketing platform. It generates a substantial amount of revenue for over 100,000 web publishers all around the world.

Infolinks is one of the most well-known helpful pay sources because its ad units are often discreet and lack traditional flag space. Instead, the advertisements appear to be limited or in hyperlinks, with visitors just moving their mouse over the links to see the commercials.